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Indomie Hypeabis (40 pcs, 1 carton)
Satisfy your contemporary desires with HypeAbis flavors, with Indomie HypeAbis! The taste of spicy gravy and dry chili, added with sprinkles
red crackers! Try the HypeAbis that will keep your spirits up!
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Indomie Kuliner Indonesia (40 pcs, 1 carton)
The delicious special sauce, solace for homesickness for them. Make relaxing moments more 'missing'. with the taste of gravy from various regions in Indonesia
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Indomie Kuah (40 pcs, 1 carton)
Warmth that warms from within.
The savory soup soup with extra Koya special seasoning.
Relaxing moments start from here.
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Indomie Goreng (40 pcs, 1 carton)
An Indonesian kitchen legend that is always a must have,
from the golden generation to the thunder.
Fried noodles with special spices and a sprinkling of fried onions
produce a delicious aroma to fry the spirit!
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