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Frestea (350 ml x 12, 1 carton)
FRESTEA PET [350 mL x 12] is a Frestea drink produced to high quality standards from The Coca-Cola Company and processed using the latest technology in a hygienic process, produced from selected tea leaves which are good for health. This apple-scented tea bottle is packaged in a 350 mL bottle, making it practical to carry anytime and anywhere.
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AW (250 ml x 24, 1 carton)
A&W Slim Can 250ml is a fizzy soft drink with a distinctive root beer taste. It feels refreshing and makes you enthusiastic about activities with canned packaging so that the contents inside remain hygienic and maintain their quality.
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Nutri Boost (240 ml x 12, 1 carton)
NUTRIBOOST 300 ml x 12 is a refreshing strawberry flavored drink. Offering Minute Maid, comes with a variety of vitamins that are good for the body such as vitamins B3, B6, E, and Zinc. It is suitable to be served cold, delicious and refreshing.
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Fanta (250 ml x 24, 1 carton)
Fanta Strawberry Cans 250 ml
A light fizzy drink with a sweet strawberry flavour. Packed in
cans to maintain quality. Suitable for consumption with friends or
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Cola-cola (250 ml x 24, 1 carton)
Coca-Cola Slim Can 250 ml is the most famous carbonated soft drink in the world. Its strong freshness will make anyone who drinks it excited about living every second great. The practical canned packaging is perfect for enjoying whenever you want.
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Ades (600 ml x 24, 1 carton)
Ades Mineral Water 600Ml and is bottled drinking water made from selected mountain springs whose mineral elements are maintained so that it can be consumed properly and safely every day This bottled drinking water can provide freshness to the body and help reduce dehydration. Processed hygienically and packed in eco-friendly plastic bottles that are easily crushed and require little space when throwing them away to keep the environment clean Give freshness to the body with Ades Mineral Water 600Ml every day
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Minute Maid Pulpy (300 ml x 12, 1 carton)
MINUTE MAID Pulpy Orange 300 ml x 12 Is a fresh drink in a bottle that comes with very refreshing orange pulp. Provides genuine freshness to the body. In addition, this pulpy drink also contains natural orange juice so it is healthy to enjoy every day. The practical packaging of the bottles will make the freshness of the oranges inside you can enjoy whenever you want. Refresh your day with the freshness of real aloe vera in a 300 ml glass of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange.
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Sprite (250 ml x 24, 1 carton)
Sprite Slim Can 250 mL is a soft drink with a refreshing lemon and lime flavour. The packaging is made of cans so it is practical and easy to carry anywhere. Served cold is more delicious.
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